B12 Injections

Are you struggling to rid yourself of a few extra pounds? Could your skin use an extra boost? Do you complain of low energy and fatigue? If so, La Vie en Rainey in Austin’s simple Vitamin B12 therapy might be in order. Many people suffer with low B12 levels, and we know that this type of vitamin deficiency can really have an effect on your life. If you’re one whose body is low in Vitamin B12, this simple injection could help you with increased energy, help promote weight loss, and even offer other benefits, like better cardiovascular health, eye health, skin health, and improved cell repair!

When you get Vitamin B12 therapy, the vitamins that are injected into your bloodstream can be used directly by your body. The vitamins don’t have to pass through your digestive system, so the results can be quicker and more effective than the results of taking oral vitamins. In addition, one injection can provide more Vitamin B12 than you could consume in one day, even if you maintain a very healthy diet. Our technicians will make the injection fast and painless. This is a minimally invasive and natural way to get the healthy body that you want!