One Month Membership $450
Limit 4 treatments per week – expires in 30 days
Cryotherapy Glow Facial $150
Single treatment
Add hand rejuvenation +$10
Add Celluma® LED light +$50
One Month Membership for Couples $585
Limit 4 treatments per week – expires in 30 days
Cryotherapy Glow Facial $750
Package of six treatments
Ultimate Freeze Week $150
One treatment per day with a 2 month minimum
Cellulite Freezing $90 per area
Athletic Body Recovery $45
Single treatment
Compression Therapy $30
Athletic Body Recovery $120
Package of three treatments
Celluma® LED Therapy $60
Single treatment
Local Cryotherapy $28 per area
With Celluma® LED therapy +$60
Celluma® LED Therapy $250
Package of five treatments
Cryo Shaping and Fat Freezing $200
Includes one B-12 Lipo B injection
Celluma® LED Therapy $540
Package of twelve treatments

Boost your Performance, Health and Energy Levels

Cryotherapy is an incredible and natural remedy for countless health issues and for athletic recovery. Whole Body Cryotherapy is a simple and safe treatment that exposes the patient’s body to extremely cold temperatures—typically below –100 degrees Celsius—for 1-3 minutes. When the body is exposed to this extreme cold, it undergoes a transformation, called vasoconstriction, causing oxygenation of the blood as it concentrates around the body’s visceral organs which then resupplies the body with nutritionally dense blood resulting in an energy boost and improved natural healing properties.

There are a multitude of extraordinary health benefits resulting from Cryotherapy. These benefits include:

  • Faster athletic recovery
  • Relief of muscle and joint pain
  • Better blood circulation
  • Decreased stress and better mood
  • Detoxification
  • Relief from rheumatism
  • Headache relief
  • Hangover alleviation
  • Metabolic increase/weight loss
  • Psoriasis relief
  • Increased energy levels
  • Libido boost
  • Anti-aging properties
  • Relief from insomnia
  • Faster collagen production for firmer skin
  • Sunburn relief
  • Acne reduction
  • Relief of muscle soreness
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Tony Robbins explains why Cryotherapy is his favorite technology and how he benefits from it. To try Whole Body Cryotherapy @ La Vie en Rainey for yourself, schedule an appointment today!