Thermal Inch Loss Wrap

Thermal Inch Loss Wrap $150
We ask clients to exfoliate before their appt and not to apply any lotion. Your skin is measured before and after. Your skin is wrapped in cotton dipped in a solution. Solution is free of chemicals, like talc and it is completely safe. Your whole body is wrapped like a mummy from shoulders to toe. You are kept warm with a reflective blanket for 40-45 minutes. The solution then dissolves any fat deposits which are then flushed out through the lymphatic system. After the wrap you are required to drink one gallon of water with in 24 hours to lymphatically flush the deposits. The intake of water is very important because it will prevent deposits from going back to the same spots. You are guaranteed to lose 2-20 inches. This wrap also replenishes minerals and is good for overall well being. We further recommend adjustment of food intake (more fruits and veggies, less carbs, processed food, and fatty meats). A series can be recommended depending on the person’s goals. A consultation that looks at lifestyle and goals is important along with compliance to achieve the greatest results.