Compression Therapy

Compression therapy is a form of treatment in which the patient wears specialized stockings that squeeze the lower leg, tighter down towards the ankle, in order to increase blood flow activity in the legs and move pressure upwards.

Although compression therapy is great for anyone, La Vie en Rainey in Austin maintains that this therapy is especially beneficial to those struggling from chronic venous disease which comes from too much pressure and strain put upon the leg veins. This can cause the veins to become inefficient, which negatively affects the blood flow in the legs. The positive effects of compression therapy are as follows:

  • Increased blood flow in the veins
  • Decreased blood volume in the veins
  • Reduction of venous pressure
  • Increased drainage of noxious substances in the tissue
  • Reduction of inflammation in the tissue
  • Sustained tissue repair
  • Improved tendon/joint movement