Cryo Facial

Do you want smoother, tighter, younger-looking skin? At Austin’s La Vie en Rainey, all you have to do is tolerate a little bit of cold temperatures and you’ll be set!

A Cryo Facial is a process in which the skin of the face, scalp, or neck area is brushed over with a controlled beam of liquid nitrogen vapor. This process instantaneously and drastically cools the skin resulting in a tightness that fills in lines and wrinkles and automatically improves blood flow.

As a result, the tighter skin also starts to produce higher levels of collagen which maintains this positive result over time. Additionally, the size of the pores on the face is reduced which aids in keeping toxins out of the pores for clearer skin. Plus, with the improved blood flow, not only will your skin be smoother, but you will get that natural glow that everyone wants!