Facial Vein Treatment

La Vie en Rainey in Austin knows that varicose veins are a super common problem, especially within women, but there has not been an effective solution until recently. Before now, a treatment called vein stripping was used but this remedy was painful and only resulted in short term relief. Now, there are two new treatments that are both pain free AND effective for varicose vein treatment! These two treatments are as follows:

For this treatment, the most common, a solution called sclerosant is injected into the “spider vein” causing it to collapse so that no more blood flow can make its way through the vein. That way, the blood reroutes to healthier veins and the varicose vein can fade away by reabsorption into tissues.

Endovenous laser treatment
This treatment, also known as Endovenous Thermal Ablation, gets the same result as sclerotherapy does but with a little bit of a different process. Endovenous laser treatment is minimally invasive and fast! Targeted laser and radio frequency energy is used to seal the “spider vein” shut. From there, the blood reroutes to healthier veins just as it does in sclerotherapy.

If you are suffering from painful, highly visible varicose veins, you can get help now at La Vie en Rainey in Austin! You don’t have to undergo a painful treatment to feel better about your appearance and live a better life.