Is your double chin getting you down? Do you feel like you eat well and exercise enough, but you still look heavy because of that pesky fat below your chin? Double chins are usually caused by genetics and no amount of diet or exercise will have much of an effect on them. They usually require other treatment. For obvious reasons, most people would rather skip surgery. That’s why KYBELLA is so great: it lets you treat your double chin with a simple injectable therapy! As one of the newer treatments on the market, KYBELLA uses the latest advances in skincare to destroy any fat cells beneath the chin so that you achieve the slim profile you have been wanting.

This FDA-approved treatment is a completely safe, risk-free way to reduce fat under the chin. When administered by our trained and qualified technicians, KYBELLA can permanently reduce chin fat so you look noticeably younger and slimmer and feel more self-confident! KYBELLA is also great for busy lifestyles, because it does not require downtime/recovery afterwards.