PRP Micro-Needling

Micro-Needling treatment can basically be referred to as a facial on steroids. A traditional facial produces results for a few days after treatment when in contrast, micro-needling actually produces results for much longer following the treatment. Plus, patients only need roughly 4-6 sessions in order to get the best results. This treatment can actually be used on any part of the body that needs it, especially those troubling areas especially susceptible to stretch marks such as the legs, chest, and buttocks.

Because micro-needling is a mechanical treatment that does not use heat, it is totally safe for ALL skin colors and types. With this treatment, your body is essentially being tricked into thinking that it has been injured, and quickly creates more collagen to “heal” itself. Micro needles are used to penetrate the topmost layer of the skin, injecting a growth factor serum into the skin. So, while your body is producing more collagen, the serum is working with it to improve the overall texture of your skin. Visit the Med Spa at La Vie en Rainey in Austin today to see how we can help!