Sculptra® Aesthetics

NOTE: This service is coming soon to La Vie en Rainey!

Are you noticing your skin is starting to sag? Is this making you appear older? As we age, our skin begins to produce collagen at a lower rate decreasing its elasticity and making us more susceptible to wrinkles and lines. Can we stop you from aging? Sadly, no. Can we help reduce the effects of aging on your skin? You bet!

Sculptra® Aesthetic treatment is an injectable treatment that helps replenish collagen levels for smoother and younger looking skin. It does this by actually stimulating collagen growth and gradually smoothing out wrinkles and lines. Although the number of treatments needed varies based upon the amount of collagen lost or the area of injection, the result is the same. Unlike wrinkle creams and lotions, Sculptra® Aesthetic reaches deep beneath the dermis starting with underlying tissues and working its way out so that the results are longer lasting than regular wrinkle treatments.

Sculptra® Aesthetics typically only requires three injections between a time of 3-4 months and last as long as two years! Sculptra® Aesthetics is a great way to ensure your wrinkles go away AND stay away for a longer amount of time.